A favorite: Miss Astrid Von Voomer

Photo  by Austin Young

Miss Astrid has been called “the true weimar fraulein” by Mel Gordon, author of Voluptuous Panic with “Enough attitude to sink the Bismark”, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Arguably, the best emcee in the US, she is known for her deadpan delivery, impeccable timing and razor sharp wit. -quote from http://www.Pinchbottom.com

“The vagina is natures purse”, she said.

And I fell in love. Since 1997, Kate Valentine-aka-Miss Astrid has been telling her audiences what’s what. My first introduction to one of the most unique burlesque personalities I’ve ever heard of or seen happened at Miss Exotic World (Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend) 2006. Along with El Vez and Margaret Cho, Miss Astrid and her eye-patch made her mark all over that magical weekend, showing all of us what excellent character development, wit and shiny, shiny boots on stage can be.

Miss Astrid is what a host should be. Entertaining and able to hold her own-as a producer you trust that if there’s any stretching of time needed, Miss Astrid will get it done and the audience would have no idea what was going on backstage. In fact, they will want more of her. They will be sad that the show is ending. Her name will be on the tip of their tongues. As it should be.

One of the many reasons why she is on my list of favorite performers is her phenomenal humor and her exceptionally warm heart. I was lucky to get my nickname, “Miss Yum Yum Gimme Some” from her while I was bent over on stage with her on the mic in Seattle. In Las Vegas, during the Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend we chatted until the early morning and watched the sun rise from their suite with Tigger and Julie Atlas Muz. It was truly one of my favorite non-performing moments of the year. Good people and good times.

Miss Astrid’s hosting of BHOF weekend 2009 held many moments and highlights, from simulated (?) sex with El Vez at curtain opening, to performing the hilarious and touching marriage of Michelle L’amour to Frankie Vivid on stage in front of the entire burlesque audience. From the audience you can tell that she cares about her art. She wants you to be entertained and gives it her all with her hilarious hosting abilities.

Even if the performers were under-par but she was hosting (this is an unlikely thing-but go along with it) it would be a show to not miss. I really hope that she does a one woman show and brings it to Seattle.

Based in New York, and a very busy international performer- she’s a few thousand miles away, but Seattle can’t wait till she comes back and hosts another show.

Miss Astrid at the Slipper Room

I was lucky to have Miss Astrid agree to answer my silly questions in my desperate attempt to see what makes her tick.

What inspires you?
unrepentant women, and anyone who is able to self-define happiness and success

What would your best friend say about you?

I am a good listener

What is your best quality on stage?
Being present and quick

Name a person that’s on your top 10 list of performers in your field that you adore:
Too many!! today i will say, Simone De La Getto.

Do you have a process in creating your act/art? Care to share it with us?
Yes, I have a process and I highly recommend getting a process, children.

What do you love to see on stage? What’s your least favorite thing?
I love to see someone who is there for the right reason (the audience) and despise watching people there for the wrong reason (themselves/body/psycho/daddy issues)

Do you collect anything?
I try to collect money but I am not very good at it.

Any hidden talents?
Tons 😉 ( erm, i am a professional dancer even though i do not do in on the bq stage…)

What is your ideal day?
Sex in the morning, work all day, theatre at night, & a home cooked meal with my love.

What’s your favorite performance moment so far?
Jeez, too many to mention! i was honored to marry Franky & Michelle.

What’s next on deck for you? When’s your next show?
Working in Europe, but first stop Baltimore!

If you had to pick a song that defines your mood today, what would it be?
Big Pimping

Thank you, Miss Astrid and your eye-patch, for bringing us delightfully funny, raunchy, clever and entertaining shows all over the world. Safe travels!!

Holiday festivities!

Last weekend-(my weekends typically start on Thursdays due to me and my beau getting antsy)-Scott and I decided to get all dolled up and head out to Land of the Sweets: A burlesque Nutcracker. We met up with our dear friends, Cori and Miguel at the Noc Noc (2nd between Pike and Pine) and decided that Martinis and Manhattans would be a good de-stresser from Seattle’s HORRENDOUS evening traffic. Soon after loving on some Dirty Martini’s (the drink, not the performer, you pervert!), we walked our cold asses to the Triple Door.

The Triple Door is a gorgeous venue, but even as someone who has and will perform there in the future-you might want to eat prior to coming there. The food is yummy, but if you’re feeling the economic pinch, I don’t recommend sitting down ravenous. Since we knew this, we hit a previous happy hour, and settled in at table #69 (I know, right) with a couple bottles of wine and prepared ourselves for a festive fun show.

Let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed Land of the Sweets. It’s sweet. Perfect to introduce a newbie to what burlesque is, and glamorous enough for us old dogs to love their tricks. The soundtrack is lovely, the flow is easy to digest with the sensory overload, and the humor is sensible for the season. I did have 2 favorite sets though, which were the duet with Miss Indigo Blue and Miss Lily Verlaine, and the boy’s jive, with Waxie Moon and Osiris Bombay- both acts were filled with cleverness and cheekiness. I adored the ladies’ fan work, and their attention to detail in their movements, and the men reminded me of an earlier time on the gilded screens.

Above: The Aerialistas in Land of the Sweets (from the Seattle Times)

Ok. So you got it. I had a good time. But I have more adventures!

Since we went to the early show, my party and I went back to the Noc Noc for Sinner Saint Burlesque. Now, it doesn’t hurt that the venue is only 2 blocks from the Triple Door, that one of their bright shiny stars, Evilyn Sin Claire is performing that night and she happens to be my best friend, or that Scotty knows how to make a drink-we were all just looking to continue our good times. And oh did we.

The show titled Sacred and Profane is exactly what it suggests-featuring acts of both varieties, but in the Sinner Saint way. I loved that my party and I all had a great time at the show and proceeded to start an epic dance party after. Since I have no video of the awesome dance party, here’s a picture of me with the cast-check out their adorable Virgin Mary costumes:

Photo by Greg Holloway

FRIDAY NIGHT: On Friday I had the task of performing at El Gaucho’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. I’m one of their featured performers, and that’s pretty groovy. Their staff is beyond accommodating and their food is superb. This particular night I am joining Evilyn Sin Claire and Paula the Swedish Housewife as the cast. I had been preparing my “Dolly’s Purple Haze” act in anticipation for the show, and was beyond nervous and excited to premier it in front of that audience.

It’s always strange premiering a new act-you never know what you’re going to get. Is your costume going to come off without a hitch? Will your audience appreciate the jokes? Will your stage person properly light your joint on stage when it’s time? So much to think about!

Luckily, or rather-predictably- the whole show was absolutely lovely and seemed to go off without a hitch. My Dolly act was a smash!

The best part of the show was running into some of my fellow peers who had decided to see what all the fuss was about. They seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves, and really that’s all that it’s about-entertaining your audience. I was tickled pink that our audience seemed thrilled to be there. The amount of praise and gracious hello’s after the show were very heart warming!

However, I was exhausted and needed to sleep. It took 20 minutes to get my car from the valet.  I went home and ate popcorn with my honey and fell asleep on his lap. My weekend wasn’t over yet.

SATURDAY: This day brought a fair amount of domestic running around. I had decided that my honey needed a treat from me for being so amazing and so I took him to a little Thai restaurant in Ravenna before going to see my mom perform her holiday concert with the Seattle Women’s Chorus. My mom has been on the chorus circuit since I was 7, so it’s pretty much a tradition to go to all of her big shows at Meany Hall or Benaroya. Nothing like watching 150 lesbians (granted there’s a few straight ladies) hit a major 8 part chord from 3rd row. It’s really awesome my mom has an amazing artistic outlet.

From the holiday concert Scott and I headed to the Pink Door to meet friends Wendy and Zack and support my peers in their show. Burlesque Behind the Pink Door has been a Seattle staple for nearly 10 years and has featured some of the best burlesque performers in Seattle and beyond. It’s an interesting show and has had many permutations over the years. I mostly went to hang out with my friends and to see some of my peers perform, but I was curious to see what the show was like these days and whether the economy had affected their show like others in Seattle.

The Pink Door audience is an interesting one, and that is neither good or bad. It consists of mostly the bridge and tunnel crowd-from Bellevue and Kirkland and a salt and peppering of Seattlites. There’s usually a bridal shower, a bachelor party or a drunk dude claiming it’s his birthday. Depending on the night it can be a ruckus good time or frustrating. I’ve found that my weirder acts don’t really go over there, mostly because if they don’t understand what burlesque is, my eating a hamburger might not be the best idea.

Anyways, this nights show was super fun. Hosted by Armitage Shanks as Dirty Santa, and starring Kitty Baby, Evilyn Sin Claire, The Shanghai Pearl and Ernie Von Schmaltz-I was thrilled to see new acts I haven’t seen, and some old goodies from last holiday season.

Intermission came and Santa offered a seat of his lap:

There was a vibrator in his pants! NAUGHTY SANTA!

I have a great life.

Backstage Ettiquette…(with real world implications)

Oh man.

I’ve been in some good, some bad and some great shows. I’ve performed in shows featuring Catherine D’Lish, Miss Indigo Blue, Michelle L’amour and others. I’ve been the feature in lesser-known (but still a blast) shows, and simply a performer in others. No matter what the show is, or who the hell I am on the totem pole of burlesque, I try to handle myself in exactly the same way. With courtesy and grace.

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Thursday’s (12/17) Glittery things to do.

Well, I know you’re bummed you didn’t get those covetous tickets for tomorrows sold out show of Land of the Sweets, and so now you’re wondering…what the heck should I do on this cold December Thursday in the wonderful city of Seattle?

You have nothing to fear kids, Living in a Glitter Wonderland has your caboose covered. With two fun events! Yep, one event for each butt-cheek. Or…something like that.

Sinner Saint Burlesque, produced by Audrey McManus, hosts a bevy of lovely ladies to keep you warm and entertained on a cold winters night. Their new run, Sacred and Profane is just what it sounds like, and invites audiences to understand that

“Nothing is as depraved as devotion, or as vulgar as virgins. The sacred and the profane exist as two sides of the same coin. Explore this tantalizing dichotomy with the ladies of Sinner Saint Burlesque and discover just how tempting it is when the wanton and the worshipful collide. Join our decadence and debauchery in our holiday burlesque show The Scared and The Profane, where good is irreverent and evil is irrelevant.”

I caught the tail end of their 3 act show last Thursday and was tickled pink with their tribute to the can can, Madonna and the Virgin Mary for their final group act.

Every gal in this show is full of sparkling personality and brings a unique piece of the Sinner Saint Puzzle. As a former member of the troupe, sometimes guest performer, and sometimes host, I recommend checking them out.

Also, if you’ve not been to the Noc Noc, it’s a fun little venue that has some of the sweetest and heavy pouring bartenders in town. If Scotty or Tucker makes you a drink and you somehow are able to remember, tell him Sydni sent you.


quote from their facebook events page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=186307358165&index=1

Sin In Linen is hosting a super fun HOLIDAY PARTY as well! Come to Barca Lounge up on the hill and be teased by special performances by Miss Kitty Baby, The Shanghai Pearl and Drew Blood as well as fun giveaways all night by the fun and sexy brand as well!

They’re recommending you dress up sparkly (though it’s not mandatory), but you wouldn’t want to disappoint, right? Besides, a bit of glitter never hurt anyone, well-except for that poor married man at a strip club…



1510-11th avenue

Seattle, WA

Have fun kids! Stay Warm!

A favorite: Miss Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini, Miss Exotic World 2004, international performer and New York burlesque royalty, spun into my radar during Exotic World 2006. I’d never seen any one like her before. She is brazen, bold, bawdy, sexy and so effing graceful that I immediately fell smitten with her style. Named the “best body in burlesque”, Dirty is a monument to what female empowerment should look like, curvy, playful and sinful on heels. One of my favorite acts is “The Spider”. The music, her dress, the web…it all comes together to make one of my favorite acts. I’ve seen it about 5 times live, have it as a favorite on Youtube but I can’t wait to see it live again.

Now based in New York, which is a veritable Mecca for burlesque today, Dirty is a facet on the burlesque diamond that shines bright there. A versatile performer, Dirty Martini also makes for a wonderful model. Having just been photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for V Magazine on the one and only epic Chanel staircase in Paris, us more curvaceous burlesque girls should be excited that maybe, one day burlesque will be just one of the places that our empowered, strong and soft bodies belong. I take my pasties off to you Dirty Martini!

Along with her very classic looking movement on stage, Dirty Martini also is one of the most innovative performers in burlesque today. From her boundary pushing act that deals with America’s consumption issues while dancing to the ever wholesome Dolly Parton, to her classic balloon pop act with a cigarette twist, Miss Dirty has found the best way to make a Dirty Martini, and that’s simply by being a dynamo on stage.

Funny little story, I had the good fortune of doing Seattle’s Tease-O-Rama, which had an amazing cast. I had been asked to open the show, which thrilled me, since I got to help rev up the audience, and I could watch the rest of the show from the darkened windows above the audience. This little area had been jammed full of burlesque beauties, and I had leaned over and rested my gloved arms on the table surface to make sure those in back of me could see the show. Suddenly, the table moved…I looked down, and realized that I had been resting my arms on the mostly bare and glorious backside of Dirty Martini. At first, I was horrified, but she was more than a darling and thought it was hilarious herself. I giggled about it for days afterwards.

And that’s what makes a true entertainer.

To find her most current schedule of events, check out:



Photo from http://www.gregking.ca/burlesque/TBF/2008/IMG_17959.JPG

a favorite: Catherine D’Lish

Over the next few days I’m going to polish up my burlesque chops by writing about some of my favorite burlesque personalities throughout the world. I’ve been extremely lucky to share the stage with all except for two, but even more lucky to have had conversations and wonderful moments with every single one.

Without further adieu, please meet my first burlesque influence:

Catherine D’Lish

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Catherine D’Lish, the “striptease virtuoso” perform, and for most of us on the burlesque circuit, Catherine D’Lish is a constant delight and favorite. From her fantastic costuming (she also makes Dita Von Teese’s costumes), her fan-work, to how she can take off one glove and leave you literally hanging off your seat (this has happened to me at her Triple Door show earlier this year) Catherine’s act is a force to be reckoned with. She holds over 30 titles, including Miss Nude USA, World’s Performer of the Year, Miss Erotic World, Showgirl of the Year, Miss Exotic America, and Miss Nude International, she is one hell of a world class performer.

Catherine D’Lish is known for her classic burlesque work, and whenever I think of my favorite act of hers, I always come to an act that involves her epic black dress. I swear there’s 200 yards of tulle on the skirt, and the rhinestones almost put me into a seizure. Black and sleek, she slinks and teases the entire audience with a grace that can only make you think of old Hollywood glamour.

At BurlyCon 2008 I was one of the lucky few to get a private session with her and I was so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to get to know her. Even now as she is on tour in Europe we keep in contact, and she’s always eager to answer any questions I have. She, and the others on my list are a true embodiment of burlesque. During the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas, I even got to sing “I’ve got a crush on you” while sitting on a gentleman’s lap with the Legend herself. Thank you for slinking into my heart, Catherine.

For more on the virtuoso, check out her website: http://www.cdlish.com/

Below is a link to her video of the act and the dress that drive me wild (Please excuse the commercial prior. Shimmy around for 30 seconds or something). For such a petite lady, Catherine’s aura takes up the whole stage!


I apologize for it not being here on the page. It simply refused to embed!


Sydni Deveraux

J. Von Stratton designs.


Over my performing career I’ve had the pleasure of performing with Lucky Penny, and for the past 2 years I’ve begun having things made for me by her for the stage, as well as continuously swooning over her day wear and party wear designs she makes for J. Von Stratton Designs.

If you live in Seattle, you can check out some of her ready to wear stuff at the Pretty Parlor off of Olive (near broadway) or, if you have bit of patience, have a wonderfully creative piece made just for you (she’s super busy). If you’re curious to see some of her stage designs, you only have to check out The Atomic Bombshells, as she’s their main costumer/designer. A true burlesque professional in every sense of the word, she also is a main cast member of the famous troupe as well!

Walking into her work space makes a girl or lucky boy instantly jealous of the fringe, rhinestones, sequins and ruffles per square foot. I can’t help but try to touch everything and gush over a pink number she made herself for her Valentine’s day act. You just keep saying in your head “I want a pretty dress too!”

One of the reasons why I’ve chosen to share one of my secret people with you all (she’s not so secret) is because it’s awesome to know that wildly creative and fun people do exist is costuming still.

This talented lady also makes unique and fun wedding dresses, perfect for a dame who wants to be the center of attention!

So whether you’re a burlesque gal or a gal who loves to look amazing in a unique and playful design, check out


Land of the Sweets: Burlesque Nutcracker

Sydni Recommends:

Almost sold out, I can’t wait to see it this week!


It starts today and runs until December 23rd. This wildly popular show is not to be missed!

Starring some of my dearest friends and most innovative figures in Seattle burlesque, this show will blow you away!

Opinion Piece: Do’s and Don’ts of burlesque

These are simply the opinions of one glittery burlesquer.

Originally written in 2008 it is revised (hey, my opinions can change!), but to some, still helpful.

Since 2005 I’ve been in countless shows, produced countless shows and seen countless shows. I’ve been backstage with shining stars, newbies that just want to get it right and established performers that seem to have no clue. Often, when I’m approached by a new performer, they want to know what they can do better, or what they’re doing “wrong”…..

Not everyone likes the same thing, and while many of my opinions are shared- I speak for no one but myself. However- here’s a few things that I would like to let you know- and I hope that it can be useful for you!

1. Get a name and make it yours. Make it unique. If you are trying to rip off a more famous performer than yourself with your name, that really sucks. If you’re making a raunchy, disrespectful joke on a legend’s name- I think it reflects upon you poorly. Know that people have noticed, and it might be why you’re not getting more work. If you have the name of someone else that has come before you and they approach you about it- don’t be rude, change yours to something else. There are a million Cherry’s, Kitty’s, L’somethings, D’somethings, Von Somethings….don’t you want to really stand out? Some names are coincidences and that can’t be helped, but really- please do your research.

2. If you decide to be a peeler, please look at yourself from all angles in the mirrors.
*Cut off your tags please!
*Please gussy up your underwear a bit. Plain ‘ol panties tend to look bad.
*the tinier the better! Hottie McNaughty and I were having a conversation one night about this. She’s not into the thong, but she is into butt cleavage. I’m a big fan of tiny thong underwear. We both agree that there should be some element of risque in your panties. Maybe they just fit really well….hug your delicious curves!
*Check out yourself from the rear. Are those underwear flattering?
*Wearing a corset/fishnets/certain kind of bra/fringe every act can be boring. Keep an eye on that. Make sure you keep it interesting.
*You don’t have to have tassels on the pasties. Not twirling? Don’t worry about tassels!
*Just because you might be a more voluptuous girl doesn’t mean you have to wear huge granny panties. For a great reference, please go to youtube and watch videos of Dirty Martini. I want to do Dirty things to Dirty Martini. She’s simply fabulous.

Sorry, you can’t buy this. Granted, not everyone has me on their favorite burlesque gal list, but I’ve been told since I was 15 that I have stage presence. What I’ve witnessed over the years of being obsessed with watching live performances, is that you can’t buy it. You either have it, or don’t. This does not mean that having stage presence will make your act especially interesting unless you make it so. Conversely, I’ve seen amazing dancers have no stage presence, and unfortunately, maybe they should just teach. It’s that French je ne sai quoi thing, ya know?

4. If your going to do the “Classic” striptease thing, at least be really good at it. Practice, practice, practice! Nerd out on it. Really, get into the meat and potatoes of the movement, the attitude, everything. I recommend watching videos of Catherine D’Lish, Immodesty Blaize, Dirty Martini, Michelle L’Amour, Roxi D’Lite (to name just a small few) and then perhaps considering giving up altogether (joking! just keep working on it!). This isn’t about taking ourselves too seriously on stage- but this is about taking it seriously enough when you’re working on it to make it believable when you’re on stage.

5. Emote! People-please stop with the Cock in the Mouth face (CITM) throughout your whole act. It looks contrived. Try smiling! Try closing your mouth! What about a flirtatious smirk? I personally suggest practicing face expressions in the mirror while mimicking your act to the music. This is how you will find out if you are a culprit of CITM.

6. If you are embarrassed to be on stage, we will be embarrassed for you. This makes an awkward situation. If you can’t be fierce when you step on the stage, THEN CONSIDER STAYING OFF THE STAGE UNTIL YOU’RE READY. Go take some great classes from some of the greats, (there’s probably someone near you- please use the internet), do some soul searching as to whether you’ve really found your calling and then stick to your guns.

7. Be courteous. BE ON TIME! sure, sometimes you have to be late, but either prearrange it or have your producer on speed dial. There are a few chronically late performers in this town, and they are fucking with the start times of shows. So be on time! And producers: start punishing.

8. Do your damn hair please. Okay? Thanks. This means brushing, curling, pinning setting etc. Your costume DOES INCLUDE your hair. Invest in quality wigs if your hair won’t do what you want it to. I learned that the hard way. Miss Indigo Blue was so good as to point that out to me when I was just starting out.

9. MAKEUP: if you aren’t wearing eyelashes, I’m disappointed in you. Actually, a lot of us are. We can’t see your pretty eyes from back here! you look unfinished! (Ok- I’ll concede- if you’re allergic to the glue, get creative with eyeliner). Take a makeup class. More is *usually* better on stage. Even stage actors, and performance artists will employ the use of a lot of makeup. Making your face pop while staying true to yourself is totally possible. Just watch the blush. *shudder*. Even if your look is pedestrian, we still need to be able to see you from the back of the room. (HOT TIP: Check out books by the late, great Kevyn Aucoin)

PS: yes, I do think you do need lipstick and liner (even if it’s nude). It makes the occasional intentional CITM face look amazing.

10. Shoes. Yes…..we are looking at your feet. Make them pretty! Check your heel height, the arch, the thickness in the shaft (heh- shaft.) All of these things alter the appearance of your step and the sexiness of your legs. Practice walking in your heels. Spend a day in them! Get a drag queen to teach you her walking tips! Watch Showgirls!

*this does not include those of you trained dancers that use ballroom or character shoes. I get it, they’re more sturdy for the awesome stuff you’re about to do. -Just remember-rhinestones and appliques can totally go on shoes too. Spice em up!

11. Watch a ton of burlesque. Submerge yourself in it. Swim in it! Breathe it.

12. You don’t have to have a ton of money to put into your costume (though it is nice), you need to pay attention to how it fits, color combinations, and the tiny touches-the embellishments and alterations. It’s how it looks, not how much it costs. But unfortunately, I’ve seen some acts that just look thrown together. If you’re no good at putting together a costume, hire someone to do it for you, ask another burlesque gal for advice. Seriously, it’s better this way. We are creating an illusion for the audience, do your part of the equation.

13. If you can’t get past your body flaws for the 3-7 minutes you’re on stage, none of us are. If you’re walking on the stage thinking about how chubby you feel, it’s going to show on your face. You’re going to look uncomfortable, and that’s when people are going to go to the bar or grab a cigarette. True story.

14. Don’t get hammered before or during your show. Don’t worry-I’ve tested this out in the past for you. It aint pretty, and you are ripping off the audience. Some performers like to have a cocktail before, and that’s great and fine- but consider whether it’s actually making you a better performer….and if there’s other ways to get there (and stay present on stage).

15. If you can’t twirl, just don’t. Please. Unless it’s for the funny. Then go for it!

16. Community is important. Try to be a part of it! Some of us are outspoken, and some aren’t. Remember that this is also a business too- and that there should be a level of professionalism that happens, especially if you want consistent work.

17. Speaking of consistent work- if you want to be hired for a show locally, you should go check out the show and introduce yourself to the producer. Shake their hand, give them your card and ask them if it would be ok to email them your information (including performance links and resume) in hopes of working with them. Simply emailing them with an expectation of work is not only a bit rude, but it’s also not professional. As a producer I’ve received lot’s of “My name is Cherry D Von Teese, I’m local! I haven’t been to your show yet- but you should hire me! thanks!” and I’ll be honest- I don’t even respond.

18. Know the difference between Facebook and Email- Business deals and transactions, in my opinion should be on EMAIL. Asking someone where they got their shoes- FACEBOOK.

19. If it’s not fun- don’t do it. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself.

20. Go to festivals! Take classes! Read books! Watch videos! and PRACTICE!



Why burlesque?

The costumes. The glamour. Alone on a stage with a sea of admiring, intrigued people. The community. The movement. The tease. Entertaining the audience.

I suppose I do it for the fleeting glorious moments on stage. There is nothing like commanding an audience to look at you, to see what ideas you are putting onto the stage. For the hour before hitting the stage, I primp, polish and review my music, walk around in my rhinestoned heels to make sure I feel stable, fret a little, and stretch my arms to make sure that they are as graceful as they can be. I often order a Manhattan and if there’s access to the mainfloor, sit with a friend or my beau to watch the rest of the show before I go on, or if I’m first, join them there after I’ve changed out of my costume.

I admit, I do like it when people talk to me before and after a show, admiring my performances, my presence, my presentation. It tickles me. It means I’m doing my job right. The shy human in the corner trying not to stare appreciatively also pleases me to no end.

I do it, because being entertaining is fulfilling to me, the costumes delight me, and dancing feeds my soul. The first moments on stage are absolutely electric. You have a very small amount of time to grip the audience into believing your story on stage. I feel as if those moments are the most important, since it’s excruciatingly hard to regain them in the middle or end of the act. You certainly don’t want them to be happy you’re done with an act, do you?

I’m mostly inspired by my community in Seattle by the likes of Waxie Moon, Evilyn Sin Claire, Inga Ingenue, Miss Indigo Blue, Ernie Von Schmaltz, Ben De La Creme, Heidi Von Haught and a few others. Their imagination, confidence and skill are phenomenal assets to our performance communities.

When I first began my crazy trip into a glitter wonderland, I found Catherine D’Lish, Immodesty Blaize, Tigger!, Julie Atlas Muz, Michelle L’amour, The Pontani Sisters and Miss Dirty Martini and nearly lost my mind watching their deeply unique and fascinating interpretations of their burlesque. They entertain me and make me think. I very much appreciate that I have had wonderful interactions and with some, friendships that continue to make my stay here in the world of burlesque a worthwhile one.

I’ve been at it for since 2005, and I’m only picking up speed!