The gritty lens and the art of Kevin R Kauer

He’s awfully cute, isn’t he?

Sweet and seemingly quiet, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this creative man in various fun shows, bars and places quietly holding his camera in hand, simply watching for the next moment to make magic. Small in stature but big in quiet quirky personality, so many people in Seattle (and hopefully beyond) have been privy to his art, which, I think, is fucking genius.

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Talented Monster: Scotty the Blue Bunny

So…sorry I’ve been off track kids, through the holidays and family crap, I suppose I was waiting for something…no…SOMEBODY to inspire me again.

That somebody today is Scotty the Blue Bunny.

I once saw him throw a just broken Lucite 6″ platform at a wall at a show and it was magic.

Now, the Bunny is something that happens to you. Like a whirlwind he wrecks the stage, peoples ideas of what is funny and your makeup from laughing so hard. I’ve personally never seen so many people in love and in abject horror of a 7′ Bunny in his lycra blue bunny suit and stripper heels….but after witnessing him on stage last year, I look to him for bits of “fuck off” entertainment.

Some people in this business you meet and you know that you’ll get to know them. You know that they travel in the same circles or have a similar ideology of what is entertaining. Now, this may sound all new age hippie dippy, but this is how I felt about Scotty when I briefly (the blink of an eye) met him at the Re-Bar last year. And I was right.

Luckily-Scotty found me on Haight street after a show in San Francisco nearly 4 months later and decided to hang out. We drank tequila, rolled around on a friends floor and played with a child’s violin. One of my favorite things about him is how he talks with his hands and how much he feels the things he says, regardless of how frivolous they might sound. He’s a walking art piece-someone who is definitely setting the stage for his life.

In a few weeks Scotty the Blue Bunny embarks for Europe, a place that we both feel holds some magic for us, and he will be there touring for a month, longer if Europe dares to hold him in it’s arms. After that, (and it’s what I’m particularly excited for) the tall talented monster will seek living arrangements in Seattle, and then I can plot and plan and play with childrens violins here with him.

The following are answers to a series of questions I sent him. Un-edited, because I wanted you to realize how magical he is.

1. How long have you been in your field?

I would have to say I’ve been performing since childhood, when I studied Violin and Piano.

2. What inspires you?

I use music the most to get into that dream state.

3. What would your best friend say about you?

Rife with contradiction.

4. What is your best quality on stage?

Spontaneity and happy alcoholism.

5. Name a person that’s on your top 10 list of performers in your field that you adore

Julie Atlas Muz, of course. . .

6. Do you have a process in creating your act/art? Care to share it with us?

I try to move as fast as my inspiration and not to judge. It’s important to “go with it” when you get an idea and stay away from critiquing. . . every idea is worthy of being workshopped, experimented with. I take great pleasure in performing big installations once. I don’t necessarily look for things i know will be “hits”. I enjoy the death of an act as much as the life of it. . . if that’s an answer.

7. What do you love to see on stage? What’s your least favorite thing?

I love to see irreverance. I love to see artists struggling with their chosen form. I hate complacency and contrivance. I love when artists are honest reflections of the world, and provide honest conscious experiences for their audience. It’s all about the audience.

8. Do you collect anything?

Bandanas. I’m a scarf queen. Bring on the little squares of fabric!

9. What is your favorite act to do on stage, why?
i love to sit on huge balloons filled with confetti to the USC Trojan Marching Band version of Pat Benatar’s HEARBREAKER. It’s so lovely to me because it’s my biggest act about nothing, ever. Also because its innocent and rude at the same time. LIke when a 2 year-old says “Fuck”, in that cute little baby voice. Fuck!

10. If you could be in any one show in the world, what show would you pick?

A completely new variety show with fabulous marvellous performers of every vaudeville niche – with ME as the big gay twinkling star. . .

11. Any hidden talents?

i’m a certified Pilates mat instructor.

12. What is your ideal day?

double espresso sun wind ocean sky bicycle BLT on marbled rye

13. What do you do to unwind?

emotionally eat, masturbate, daydream.

14. What’s your favorite performance moment so far?

Ha! My Bar Matzvah. . so awkward and fraught with. . . initiation and ritual. It was a very dual, multidimensional experience that I draw upon in everything i do. There is this element of passing-through in performance for me. .. walking through a door. being changed.

15. What’s next on deck for you? When’s your next show?

A Big European adventure. I’m currently hiding out at my family’s house in Tucson Arizona, preparing for Amsterdam, Sweden and beyond! January/February 2010

16. What’s your favorite article of clothing?

A really rotten pair of calvin klein bikini underwear my mom bought for me a long time ago. I don’t think she know exactly how. . . “South of France”, they were.

17. If you had to pick a song that defines your mood today, what would it be?

absolutely and unapologetically Enya, Caribbean Blue?

For more on the lovely Scotty the Blue Bunny, check out

See him. Love him. Enjoy him.

P.S: I love you Bunny.

Michelle L’amour teaches fan dancing in Seattle! This Sunday! 1/10/10

In hopes that people will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, I’m re-posting this from a page on Facebook, since I think that this class will be phenomenal for aspiring fan dancers!

Re-post below:

Many burlesque dancers are inspired by the great Sally Rand. She really knew how to manipulate those fans! Learn the ins & outs & ups & downs of the fan dance as well as the power of the reveal & the strategy of the conceal.

The Academy has a limited number of fans available to borrow, but bring your own feather fans if you have them.

Class is from 1-3pm in the West Hall of the Oddfellows Building.
Cost: $30

Michelle L’amour (Chicago) is one of the premiere names in modern burlesque. Since 2002, she’s been seen by more than 50 million people on four continents as a result of her awe inspiring performances on stage and television (Semi Finalist for “America’s Got Talent ” – Season One). Titleholder of Miss Exotic World 2005, Miss Lamour is the CEO of The L’amour Group, which produces critically acclaimed shows like “Big Sexy Show ” and “Lipshtick “. She has her own successful book of photographs called “The Most Naked Woman ” and she directs and stars in instructional videos called “Tools of the Tease “. As an instructor, she’s taught more than 2000 women, been featured in magazines like Woman’s Health and has been called upon by Dr. Laura Berman (of Showtime’s “Sexual Healing”) to help women struggling with their self esteem.