Stripper Talk #3: Is there a place for me?

Author of Stripper Talk, Sydni Deveraux

Hello world! It’s Stripper Talk time again! This is a place where I field questions and answer them to the best of my ability, hopefully giving anyone who’s interested in the world of burlesque some insight.

This week’s question comes from Atlanta Summer from my hometown, Seattle, WA:

” I’m a dedicated hobbyist. I love performing. I perform for my own pleasure and that of my audience. However, I have no aspirations to make it my full-time career that pays my bills; I have other goals in that department. This is something I do to scratch my creative itch, and I’m not really worried about a “living wage” for what I do.

Is there a place for me in performance art in the same shows with the professionals, the ones who ARE trying to make a living at it? Is my mere existence damaging to those professionals’ livelihoods?” 

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