The Suitcase and the Showgirl: Burlesque Behind the Pink Door 11/3/2012

Burlesque and Cabaret Behind the Pink Door
Seattle, WA
Starring: Foxy Tann, Legs Malone, Bella Jovan, Kaleb Kerr and Sydni Deveraux

    As the producer of this show, one of my main goals to to create a lovely balance both onstage and backstage for my performers. The dressing room is small; like many dressing rooms in major cities all over the country- and this means that the performers are often dressing and undressing with limbs and therefore their energy touching. This show was no exception- since BurlyCon was happening the weekend of this installation of the show, I got to have 2 of the most lovely artists I know- Legs Malone and Foxy Tann to join me. To round of the cast we also had the abundantly effervescent Bella Jovan and one of the nicest (and silliest) men in my in industry- Kaleb Kerr. The backstage was a puddle of love- and it’s almost certain that when it feels like that the audience will have a great time too.

Foxy brought her “daddy” act, which was delightfully disturbing, and the lovely Legs’ lengthy gams enthralled our audience, her smile showering us with love! One of my favorite things about Bella’s performances is her expert use of finger cymbals and her choice of pop music. The night ends with a cocktail- an exquisitely made Manhattan, a little bit of conversation and a million hugs. I can’t wait until they come visit us again!

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