The Suitcase and the Showgirl: Wasabassco’s 8th Anniversary EXTRAVAGANZA!

Wasabassco’s 8th Anniversary Extravaganza
11/9 and 11/10 (City Winery and the Bell House)
Starring 78,000 strippers. (Just kidding. Kind of)

I recently had the extraordinary pleasure of getting flown to NYC by Doc Wasabassco for Wasabassco Burlesque’s 8th Anniversary. I had been waiting for it for months and was not disappointed! The 3rd time I’ve come to NY to perform (the previous being the New York Burlesque Festival just a month prior) and since this time I was staying with my friends and fellow performers, I fell in love a little bit more with NY and it’s city than the last time.

    The anniversary consisted of 2 giant shows- the first at City Winery (where I premiered my new gold act) and the second at the Bell House. Each show had more than 15 performers in each showing just 1 act, and many of them were premiers. I was super excited to perform at the City Winery and simply watch the second show, front and center- which I have to tell you is a particular treat when Michelle L’amour decides to flash her cat eyes at you.

Premiering a new act is often a little stressful- no matter how many times you’ve practiced, the addition of a new stage and an audience creates a whole new environment. I closed the show with my 20+ pound dress made of gold beads, and I LOVED the sound of them as I danced across the stage. I believe J.D Oxblood (writer/creator of Burlesque Beat Magazine) called it “Mardi Gras in a dress”.

    The beautiful curation of this show was very apparent- and the audience was certainly in for a treat! From Bettina May’s Bagpipes (yes- you read that correctly), Medianoche’s tango inspired act, Boo Bess’ whimsical drama, to GoGo harder’s cowboy act I loved getting to actually WATCH this show- a rare treat indeed.

I should definitely mention that it was so lovely to see three very different hosts on the stage for the three-set nightl. Bastard Keith started us off correct with his dashing dance moves, Gigi LaFemme coquettishly flirted with us during the second, and Sapphire Jones sassily shut it down in the third.

Fellow headliner and Miss Exotic World/Burlesque Hall of Fame winner Michelle L’amour “The Ass that goes POW!” was also flown in to celebrate the anniversary and on this first night she received a well-deserved standing ovation for her “Butthoven’s 5th” performance. ( I’ve certainly never seen an ass move so precisely…and I’m IMMENSELY thankful for it.

The end of a super fun show is always a bit of a mixed bag for me- I always want to do it all over again immediately! Thankfully people stuck around to have cocktails and I shared a fun time with performer Boo Bess and people watched as the night faded away. Heading back to Doc and Nasty’s on the subway, I was ready for a delightful night of sleep…and I was not disappointed.

After teaching “Strutting” at Jo Boob’s NY School of Burlesque the following day (Saturday), I hopped on a subway and headed to the Bell House to watch the 2nd installment of the anniversary. Settled in on 1 of the 3 couches set for VIP’s (the rest of the house was standing room only- and nearly 500 of them!), I enjoyed the show with the L’Amour’s, J.D Oxblood, Melody Mudd and a little bit of bourbon.

This show certainly had everything! Striptease, magic, fire, piercing, and aerial! Hosting this night was Albert Cadabra, Nasty Canasta and Doc Wasabassco and each one delivered some hearty laughs and heart-filled moments of love for their cast. Albert Cadabra’s wrangling of the “Slutty (and very drunk) Cowgirl” during his magic act was one of the highlights of the evening, completed with the peeking at Mr. Cadabra’s pecker!

Michelle L’Amour treated us with her “Whole Lotta Love” act- which is one of my favorites of hers. Besides using one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands (Led Zeppelin)- Michelle is one of the finest in musicality and a wide range of expressions both in her face and her body-the sign of a world-class entertainer. The show ended with one of the most ridiculous and awesome acts of all time- “Titanic” by The Kissing Cousins- Gigi LaFemme and her (real!) cousin Scarlet Sinclair. It showed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame a few years back and hadn’t been performed since, the original boat was sunk in the Sunday pool party- It is exactly what Doc called it “Brill-tarded”. The night ended with a pinning of all of Doc Wasabassco’s agents and then a nightcap with the cast around the corner. Sitting on a pool table with Gal Friday, I again had a moment of extreme gratitude- this is my life! Sparkly and brilliant strippers pepper my life, all over the world.

Leaving NY was harder this time- I was ready to go home, but not ready to leave my new NY family. I was sent off nice a proper though- a lovely brunch made by Legs Malone, movies with Bastard Keith and Mme. Rosebud and one final lunch with Doc and Nasty- my heart is bursting with all kinds of gooey love for the other coast. I can’t wait to get back!


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