Stripper Talk #19: Un-booking Bad Behavior

Author of Stripper Talk: Sydni Deveraux

Author of Stripper Talk: Sydni Deveraux

Hello world! It’s Stripper Talk time again! This is a place where I field questions and answer them to the best of my ability, hopefully giving anyone who’s interested in burlesque some insight.

This week’s question comes from another anonymous teaser. 

“Dear Miss Sydni Deveraux, 

My name is (withheld) and I’m a burlesque dancer and producer in (location withheld). I just started producing my own show, so I’m not quite comfortable with the ins and outs of producing a burlesque show yet. Lately, I’ve run into a problem with one of my performers….she recently very ungracefully bowed out of one of my shows she was committed to. 

She asked me to have lunch with her and a couple of her friends to discuss with them what the local burlesque community is like and how to get your foot in the door. She showed up 15 minutes late. Then, we started to talk about our plans for winter break. She said she was flying back to (removed location) to visit her family and casually mentioned the date she would arrive back in the United States…which was a week after my show she was supposed to perform in. I was obviously taken aback and told her she would be missing my show. She didn’t even remember the date of my show, so she was very confused and surprised. I tried to be tactful about it, but I was annoyed and upset that she had been so careless. I had a really hard time booking this show and now I had one less performer. 

Basically my problems is this. I booked this performer for two shows at once: the show she ended up ditching and one in the future. I now realize how dumb that idea was on my part, but I’m torn as to whether I still want her in my future show. On top of quitting this show, she acted very unprofessionally at my first show. She brought a guest backstage without permission and he stayed the entire time…she basically added him to the guest list. 

Would it be unprofessional of me to un-book her? And how would I go about it? Or should I give her a second chance?

Thank you so much for your help, Sydni!

Anonymous Producer”

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