Sydni Deveraux “Miss Yum Yum Give Me Some” and “The Golden Glamazon”- hails from Seattle, Washington. Burlesque peeler, producer, teacher, and chanteuse, this exotic performer has a tendency to pull her audiences into her glamorous land, only to show them that sometimes glamour is twisted, flamboyant and thoughtful.  Offering her innate, exotic and blatant sexuality-towering at 6’1″ and sometimes 6’6″ in her heels, Ms. Deveraux’s ass is like a metronome and smile is like a beacon. Miss Deveraux has performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, Moisture Festival, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Amsterdam Burlesque Festival and MORE! With The Golden Glamazon you’ll see a burlesque artist who takes the work of being sexy and fun (and funny) seriously. It doesn’t look like work while she dances and entertains you, and it shouldn’t, but she didn’t settle for natural talent, she continues to find ways to give to the art form and … to the audience. Yum.

Called “A Glorious Creature” by Catherine D’Lish,  the “eiffel tower of burlesque” by Satan’s Angel, “Miss Yum Yum Give me Some” by Miss Astrid and the “Golden Goddess” by the Vaudevillains!

For more on Sydni Deveraux, please find her on www.facebook.com/Sydni.Deveraux and send her a sweet note!


Performance Highlights:

Miss Exotic World (Burlesque Hall of Fame) 2006 and 2007 (as part of a troupe)

Tease-O-Rama 2008

The Moisture Festival 2008

Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2009

Bitts of Tease tour in 2009

Amsterdam Burlesque Festival 2009

Le Cabaret Noir (now Sin on Heels) 2009

The Moore’s 100-year anniversary 2008

El Gaucho’s Dark Side of the Moon 2009-2010

Venue Highlights

The Triple Door

The ACT theatre

El Gaucho

The Moore

Key Arena

The Pink Door

The Rendezvous

Dante’s, Portland

Red Devil Lounge, S.F

Amsterdam Circus Tent

Palace Ballroom

The Speakeasy

The Phoenix, Seattle

The Wonder Ballroom, Portland

And much more!

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