Burlesque Behind the Pink Door this SATURDAY! 10/20

The longest running burlesque show with an alternating cast! Every Saturday brings Burlesque Behind the Pink Door, located in Downtown Seattle!

This weekend I’ll be joining the fantastic JENNY PENNY (aerialist), The’Luminous Pariah (Boylesque) and Whitney Fliss (Dazzling Cabaret Vocals)!

Come on down for some fantastic food, yummy drinks and be entertained by us and our hilarious host, Kaleb Kerr!

1919 Post Alley, Seattle WA

Show at 11pm, though it’s recommended to arrive before 10pm. This is a show that is rarely ever not sold out! $15.

Michelle L’amour teaches fan dancing in Seattle! This Sunday! 1/10/10

In hopes that people will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, I’m re-posting this from a page on Facebook, since I think that this class will be phenomenal for aspiring fan dancers!

Re-post below:

Many burlesque dancers are inspired by the great Sally Rand. She really knew how to manipulate those fans! Learn the ins & outs & ups & downs of the fan dance as well as the power of the reveal & the strategy of the conceal.

The Academy has a limited number of fans available to borrow, but bring your own feather fans if you have them.

Class is from 1-3pm in the West Hall of the Oddfellows Building.
Cost: $30

Michelle L’amour (Chicago) is one of the premiere names in modern burlesque. Since 2002, she’s been seen by more than 50 million people on four continents as a result of her awe inspiring performances on stage and television (Semi Finalist for “America’s Got Talent ” – Season One). Titleholder of Miss Exotic World 2005, Miss Lamour is the CEO of The L’amour Group, which produces critically acclaimed shows like “Big Sexy Show ” and “Lipshtick “. She has her own successful book of photographs called “The Most Naked Woman ” and she directs and stars in instructional videos called “Tools of the Tease “. As an instructor, she’s taught more than 2000 women, been featured in magazines like Woman’s Health and has been called upon by Dr. Laura Berman (of Showtime’s “Sexual Healing”) to help women struggling with their self esteem. http://www.michellelamour.com

Holiday festivities!

Last weekend-(my weekends typically start on Thursdays due to me and my beau getting antsy)-Scott and I decided to get all dolled up and head out to Land of the Sweets: A burlesque Nutcracker. We met up with our dear friends, Cori and Miguel at the Noc Noc (2nd between Pike and Pine) and decided that Martinis and Manhattans would be a good de-stresser from Seattle’s HORRENDOUS evening traffic. Soon after loving on some Dirty Martini’s (the drink, not the performer, you pervert!), we walked our cold asses to the Triple Door.

The Triple Door is a gorgeous venue, but even as someone who has and will perform there in the future-you might want to eat prior to coming there. The food is yummy, but if you’re feeling the economic pinch, I don’t recommend sitting down ravenous. Since we knew this, we hit a previous happy hour, and settled in at table #69 (I know, right) with a couple bottles of wine and prepared ourselves for a festive fun show.

Let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed Land of the Sweets. It’s sweet. Perfect to introduce a newbie to what burlesque is, and glamorous enough for us old dogs to love their tricks. The soundtrack is lovely, the flow is easy to digest with the sensory overload, and the humor is sensible for the season. I did have 2 favorite sets though, which were the duet with Miss Indigo Blue and Miss Lily Verlaine, and the boy’s jive, with Waxie Moon and Osiris Bombay- both acts were filled with cleverness and cheekiness. I adored the ladies’ fan work, and their attention to detail in their movements, and the men reminded me of an earlier time on the gilded screens.

Above: The Aerialistas in Land of the Sweets (from the Seattle Times)

Ok. So you got it. I had a good time. But I have more adventures!

Since we went to the early show, my party and I went back to the Noc Noc for Sinner Saint Burlesque. Now, it doesn’t hurt that the venue is only 2 blocks from the Triple Door, that one of their bright shiny stars, Evilyn Sin Claire is performing that night and she happens to be my best friend, or that Scotty knows how to make a drink-we were all just looking to continue our good times. And oh did we.

The show titled Sacred and Profane is exactly what it suggests-featuring acts of both varieties, but in the Sinner Saint way. I loved that my party and I all had a great time at the show and proceeded to start an epic dance party after. Since I have no video of the awesome dance party, here’s a picture of me with the cast-check out their adorable Virgin Mary costumes:

Photo by Greg Holloway

FRIDAY NIGHT: On Friday I had the task of performing at El Gaucho’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. I’m one of their featured performers, and that’s pretty groovy. Their staff is beyond accommodating and their food is superb. This particular night I am joining Evilyn Sin Claire and Paula the Swedish Housewife as the cast. I had been preparing my “Dolly’s Purple Haze” act in anticipation for the show, and was beyond nervous and excited to premier it in front of that audience.

It’s always strange premiering a new act-you never know what you’re going to get. Is your costume going to come off without a hitch? Will your audience appreciate the jokes? Will your stage person properly light your joint on stage when it’s time? So much to think about!

Luckily, or rather-predictably- the whole show was absolutely lovely and seemed to go off without a hitch. My Dolly act was a smash!

The best part of the show was running into some of my fellow peers who had decided to see what all the fuss was about. They seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves, and really that’s all that it’s about-entertaining your audience. I was tickled pink that our audience seemed thrilled to be there. The amount of praise and gracious hello’s after the show were very heart warming!

However, I was exhausted and needed to sleep. It took 20 minutes to get my car from the valet.  I went home and ate popcorn with my honey and fell asleep on his lap. My weekend wasn’t over yet.

SATURDAY: This day brought a fair amount of domestic running around. I had decided that my honey needed a treat from me for being so amazing and so I took him to a little Thai restaurant in Ravenna before going to see my mom perform her holiday concert with the Seattle Women’s Chorus. My mom has been on the chorus circuit since I was 7, so it’s pretty much a tradition to go to all of her big shows at Meany Hall or Benaroya. Nothing like watching 150 lesbians (granted there’s a few straight ladies) hit a major 8 part chord from 3rd row. It’s really awesome my mom has an amazing artistic outlet.

From the holiday concert Scott and I headed to the Pink Door to meet friends Wendy and Zack and support my peers in their show. Burlesque Behind the Pink Door has been a Seattle staple for nearly 10 years and has featured some of the best burlesque performers in Seattle and beyond. It’s an interesting show and has had many permutations over the years. I mostly went to hang out with my friends and to see some of my peers perform, but I was curious to see what the show was like these days and whether the economy had affected their show like others in Seattle.

The Pink Door audience is an interesting one, and that is neither good or bad. It consists of mostly the bridge and tunnel crowd-from Bellevue and Kirkland and a salt and peppering of Seattlites. There’s usually a bridal shower, a bachelor party or a drunk dude claiming it’s his birthday. Depending on the night it can be a ruckus good time or frustrating. I’ve found that my weirder acts don’t really go over there, mostly because if they don’t understand what burlesque is, my eating a hamburger might not be the best idea.

Anyways, this nights show was super fun. Hosted by Armitage Shanks as Dirty Santa, and starring Kitty Baby, Evilyn Sin Claire, The Shanghai Pearl and Ernie Von Schmaltz-I was thrilled to see new acts I haven’t seen, and some old goodies from last holiday season.

Intermission came and Santa offered a seat of his lap:

There was a vibrator in his pants! NAUGHTY SANTA!

I have a great life.

Thursday’s (12/17) Glittery things to do.

Well, I know you’re bummed you didn’t get those covetous tickets for tomorrows sold out show of Land of the Sweets, and so now you’re wondering…what the heck should I do on this cold December Thursday in the wonderful city of Seattle?

You have nothing to fear kids, Living in a Glitter Wonderland has your caboose covered. With two fun events! Yep, one event for each butt-cheek. Or…something like that.

Sinner Saint Burlesque, produced by Audrey McManus, hosts a bevy of lovely ladies to keep you warm and entertained on a cold winters night. Their new run, Sacred and Profane is just what it sounds like, and invites audiences to understand that

“Nothing is as depraved as devotion, or as vulgar as virgins. The sacred and the profane exist as two sides of the same coin. Explore this tantalizing dichotomy with the ladies of Sinner Saint Burlesque and discover just how tempting it is when the wanton and the worshipful collide. Join our decadence and debauchery in our holiday burlesque show The Scared and The Profane, where good is irreverent and evil is irrelevant.”

I caught the tail end of their 3 act show last Thursday and was tickled pink with their tribute to the can can, Madonna and the Virgin Mary for their final group act.

Every gal in this show is full of sparkling personality and brings a unique piece of the Sinner Saint Puzzle. As a former member of the troupe, sometimes guest performer, and sometimes host, I recommend checking them out.

Also, if you’ve not been to the Noc Noc, it’s a fun little venue that has some of the sweetest and heavy pouring bartenders in town. If Scotty or Tucker makes you a drink and you somehow are able to remember, tell him Sydni sent you.


quote from their facebook events page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=186307358165&index=1

Sin In Linen is hosting a super fun HOLIDAY PARTY as well! Come to Barca Lounge up on the hill and be teased by special performances by Miss Kitty Baby, The Shanghai Pearl and Drew Blood as well as fun giveaways all night by the fun and sexy brand as well!

They’re recommending you dress up sparkly (though it’s not mandatory), but you wouldn’t want to disappoint, right? Besides, a bit of glitter never hurt anyone, well-except for that poor married man at a strip club…



1510-11th avenue

Seattle, WA

Have fun kids! Stay Warm!

El Gaucho: Dark Side of the Moon Cabaret

This Friday December 18th, I continue to be a featured performer at the wonderful and decadent “Dark Side of the Moon Cabaret” at El Gaucho in Seattle, Washington.

It is the sister cabaret to “Blue Moon Cabaret” also hosted at El Gaucho, and these shows feature performers such as myself, Paula the Swedish Housewife, Miss Lily Verlaine, Inga Ingenue, Evilyn Sin Claire, Miss Indigo Blue, Fuschia Foxxx and Waxie Moon.

Check it out: http://www.elgaucho.com/elgaucho/_seattle/burlesque.htm

or call: 206.728.1337

Additional El Gaucho Dates:

February 19th and May 21st.