This blogs intention

Hello lovelies!

I began this blog on wordpress to talk about my adventures in burlesque and performance art. It features my:

1. writings on my favorite artists
2. my musings
3. shows I love and want to recommend
4.  interviews with artists, costumers, photographers, fierce club kids, burlesque personalities and beyond
5. It also has my show schedule

If you have gmail, you can place it on your reader and see when it updates. I also link back to it on facebook.

If you know of a fantastic artist that just needs to be interviewed, please let me know! I’ve already compiled a list and am in the process of contacting some people for interviews.  This world of entertainment inspires me, and since one of my favorite things to do is see art, I thought I’d write about it and use my college degree for something. Also, I’d like to be someone who can catalog the life here in this glitter wonderland!

My intention is to have a west coast perspective on burlesque and entertainment, a place you can check for fun shows, get some press or simply giggle at the irreverent shit I tend to say.

Please pass along the link, any shows you have that you’d like covered or any recommendations!


Sydni Deveraux

(Photo above: myself, Elsa Von Schmaltz, Julie Atlas Muz and Heidi Von Haught at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2009 in Las Vegas)

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