Creative Director of SIN ON HEELS

Le Cabaret Noir’s SIN ON HEELS (Directed by: Sydni Deveraux), the provocative and sensual side of The 4 Horsemen/PURE Cirkus Productions, is a tantalizing cabaret-style production with a tawdry blend of burlesque and gender-bending performances. Audience members are asked to leave all inhibitions behind and let loose as this adult themed, 90-minute show takes them on a sultry thrill ride, bursting with sensational sexy performances and risque humor. Merging the traditional with the newest forms of theater entertainment, SIN ON HEELS will be presented in theaters up and down the west coast this March 2010.

Part drag, part burlesque, part cabaret, SIN ON HEELS takes a daring playful approach by delving into the full array of human sexuality, sensuality and gender. The show brings to life a variety show of arousing humor, natural beauty, and challenges of gender differences while celebrating the universal pleasures of eroticism.

The production will be featured in theaters all over the west coast from Seattle to Los Angeles, beginning March 5th at the Olympia Capitol Theater, then moving south towards its final destination at the Avalon Theater on March 14th. Cast members include Miss Indigo Blue, Sydni Deveraux, Fuchsia FoXXX, Waxie Moon, Inga Ingenue, Jenny Penny, Ernie Von Schmaltz and host Armitage Shanks. Also joining the cast at select theaters will be Kellita, Alotta Boutte, Lux La Coix, Kira Von Sutra, and more.

  • March 5th: Olympia Capitol Theater, Olympia, WA
  • March 6th: Dante’s, Portland OR
  • March 10th: Broadway Studios, San Francisco, CA
  • March 14th: The Avalon Theater, Los Angeles, CA
  • March 17th: The Triple Door, Triple Door Wa
  • More dates may be added to the tour.


“melding together the erotic, the spectacular, and the artistic.”-Spokane Inlander

“…reminds you of why live performance was invented”-Seattle Stranger

“It’s dark, evocative, and seductive”-Seattle Examiner

“This is a wonderful evening to escape into fantasy and have some good laughs”– Seattle Gay News

The 4 Horsemen Sponsorship:

The 4 Horsemen is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to promoting the circus arts through unique entertainment events. We have produced over 300 shows across the world at public, private and corporate levels, ranging from high-class dinner theatre to night-club debauchery. Our booking agency, PURE Cirkus, is an invaluable resource for top talent in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, and through The Foundation For The Education of Professional Performers we provide essential business and performance education to community artists. If you are interested in Sponsering SIN ON HEELS or any of our other productions please visit: Our Sponsor Page or call 206-396-1440

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