Stripper Talk #4: how do I approach a producer?

Author of Stripper Talk, Sydni Deveraux

Hello world! It’s Stripper Talk time again! This is a place where I field questions and answer them to the best of my ability, hopefully giving anyone who’s interested in burlesque some insight.

This week’s question comes from last weeks inquisitor Atlanta Summer, from Seattle WA: 

“As a hobbyist and a soloist (not a troupe member), I’d love to get in on shows that have “special guests” but I have no idea how to start, how to approach a producer (occasionally not even WHO to approach), how to be noticed and get on the performance radar. Do you have advice?”
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Stripper Talk: Burlesque Advice for Newbies

So you want to join the burlesque ranks of the best and the brightest? Sounds groovy, but you need to work to get some work! Working hard at this art form is what you need to stick out in the community- a community saturated with fledgling as well as established performers all over the world.

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