Thursday’s (12/17) Glittery things to do.

Well, I know you’re bummed you didn’t get those covetous tickets for tomorrows sold out show of Land of the Sweets, and so now you’re wondering…what the heck should I do on this cold December Thursday in the wonderful city of Seattle?

You have nothing to fear kids, Living in a Glitter Wonderland has your caboose covered. With two fun events! Yep, one event for each butt-cheek. Or…something like that.

Sinner Saint Burlesque, produced by Audrey McManus, hosts a bevy of lovely ladies to keep you warm and entertained on a cold winters night. Their new run, Sacred and Profane is just what it sounds like, and invites audiences to understand that

“Nothing is as depraved as devotion, or as vulgar as virgins. The sacred and the profane exist as two sides of the same coin. Explore this tantalizing dichotomy with the ladies of Sinner Saint Burlesque and discover just how tempting it is when the wanton and the worshipful collide. Join our decadence and debauchery in our holiday burlesque show The Scared and The Profane, where good is irreverent and evil is irrelevant.”

I caught the tail end of their 3 act show last Thursday and was tickled pink with their tribute to the can can, Madonna and the Virgin Mary for their final group act.

Every gal in this show is full of sparkling personality and brings a unique piece of the Sinner Saint Puzzle. As a former member of the troupe, sometimes guest performer, and sometimes host, I recommend checking them out.

Also, if you’ve not been to the Noc Noc, it’s a fun little venue that has some of the sweetest and heavy pouring bartenders in town. If Scotty or Tucker makes you a drink and you somehow are able to remember, tell him Sydni sent you.

quote from their facebook events page:

Sin In Linen is hosting a super fun HOLIDAY PARTY as well! Come to Barca Lounge up on the hill and be teased by special performances by Miss Kitty Baby, The Shanghai Pearl and Drew Blood as well as fun giveaways all night by the fun and sexy brand as well!

They’re recommending you dress up sparkly (though it’s not mandatory), but you wouldn’t want to disappoint, right? Besides, a bit of glitter never hurt anyone, well-except for that poor married man at a strip club…



1510-11th avenue

Seattle, WA

Have fun kids! Stay Warm!