Welcome to Camp Cathy and Rhinestone Porn. Sigh.



As some of you may know, during the week I make pilgrimages to an island with The Shanghai Pearl to work with Catherine D’Lish at what is affectionately called “Camp Cathy”. The above image are some of the little sparkly things that are called “rhinestones” or “stripper crack”.

If you don’t know who Catherine D’Lish is, I suggest that you open another tab and start searching. She’s one of the most sought after burlesque performers in the world, and she is very well known for her fantastic creations that she makes for herself and her fabulous clientele-such as Dita Von Teese and Christina Aguilera.

When we were opening the envelopes of “lady dreams” and hearing our now favorite sound (the “click click click” of crystal beads and stones going into their new little tupperwares) all you could hear were our sighs and moans-never interrupt a girl with her sparkly bits.And can you believe…we don’t even get to keep them!

Now, I’m not telling you all these things about Catherine so that you can think I’m bragging. I’m telling you these things because she’s a mad scientist of all that glitters. Everyday I travel over there, I learn something new and am in awe. In addition to opening up packets and packets of those bad boys above, Shanghai and I also spent some quality time “burning” feathers in a process that involves her meticulous instructions and a lot of bleach.

We are planning on documenting these two projects, the above stones being for what we affectionately call the “Pink Bird” and the second project involving many many feathers (I’m sure I’ll write a rant about feathers at some point;) and bleach and more rhinestones for Dita Von Teese.

As I immerse myself further into the inner workings of burlesque crafting (I can let you know that I was really good with a glue gun and that was it when I first began)-I fall more and more in love with all things involved in making entertainment. The sheer number of fantasy projects in my drawing book is making it very clear I need a sugar daddy and a ventilated room for E-6000.

Stay tuned for more on these projects! We’re even going to take some video!:)