The Suitcase and the Showgirl: JVS Fashion Show 10/11/12

Jamie Von Stratton. Fashion Show. 10/11. Triple Door

It’s been years now that I’ve been working with Jamie, hiring her to create costume pieces, to perform at the Pink Door (she’s also an accomplished burlesque dancer), and sharing back stages. One of the things that I’ve always enjoyed about her is that she’s a breath of fresh air- her creations vary widely and show incredible imagination and lovely color choices. Over the time I’ve gotten to work with her, I’ve had the pleasure of learning a bit more about her like the unfolding of a flower; each tidbit I see of her, I enjoy her more and more. This show was no different- being asked to walk in her fashion show benefiting Washington Women In Need ( meant that I got to peer into her mind as she created a show leaning on her mod-inspirations and her love for sequins. Every bit that she had me try on in her workspace seemed to speak to a colorful joy and an essence of “life is a stage, honey”…party and wedding dresses, chiffon, a Swedish-flag inspired coat- I really wish that it was all resting in my closet or on my back, Von Stratton surely creates parties in her clothing!


Unlike traditional fashion shows, Jamie’s is different- peppered with various performances from Seattle’s cabaret and burlesque royalty, drag queens, and a who’s who of partylife glittered in her audience; all ready to bid on the dresses that we modeled on the stage and in the aisles. I was excited to see a new use for the Triple Door- walking the stage and then a “runway” in the aisles created by cleverly placed spotlights! Having been a model in my younger years, it was a breath of fresh air to be able to place a bit of bright personality in the clothes that we were modeling. Von Stratton hired me to be “me” essentially, and to play and romp and be as vivacious as I wanted to be in her frocks.

Backstage was a mayhem unique to fashion shows- a clothes rack being gone through by dressers and models, alike- 17 year old girls on cell phones, taking pictures and asking the older models (that meant me this time, oh jeez!) about their crazy life. I especially enjoyed my makeup artist singing along to Madonna playing on his phone at his station while we chatted about the art scene and different makeup lines and techniques. Upon walking into the soon to be insanely busy dressing room- Jamie had gifted us with a delightful pink box (hehe) full of goodies! A makeup kimono, some makeup from local Atomic Cosmetics (Sydni is an eye shadow color in the line, y’all!), eyelashes, leg warmers, tights and more- but I should try to keep this write-up short. 😉

My favorite moment in the show by far was getting to model a black and hot orange onsie that was brilliantly accompanied by a shake weight- which I used onstage….vigorously. The end of the show held a performance by Airpocalypse- the world’s most famous air guitar band. Yes- you read that right- and they were GLORIOUS.

So many thanks to Jamie Von Stratton for asking me to model in her show, for creating such fun fashions! I can only hope to get to do it again.


Sydni Deveraux “The Golden Glamazon”